Job Search Template Kit

Your job search starts by applying for jobs, right? Actually, 50 - 70% of job offers start by networking to get a referral or introduction to recruiters & hiring managers. It's one of the best ways to guarantee a human reviews your resume.

Instead of letting the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) decide whether you're qualified for an open position, use our Job Search Template Kit to reach out to the decision makers who can unlock your next job opportunity.

In this comprehensive template kit, you'll get:

  • Fill in the blank email, LinkedIn, and DM templates for reaching out to warm & cold connections to land more job interview opportunities...
  • How to follow up with recruiters after a job interview to speed up the hiring process and get a job offer...
  • Plus, how to negotiate your job offer to get an even better compensation package (or ask to work remotely!).

You pour your heart and soul (and time, energy) into your resume and LinkedIn profile. Now, it's time to make sure your job search has the best chance for success. Add the Job Search Template Kit to your cart and start getting results in your job search.