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As an Associate, you’ll act as the connection point between our clients and industry recruiters and hiring managers. Your role is to focus on your client’s success, job search plan, and the knowledge required to help them successfully receive and negotiate a job offer at their target company. You then research companies and industries in order to identify and engage leading recruiters and hiring managers, qualify their ability to advise the client, and connect them with the client in real-time.

  • 0-3 years work experience

  • Strong academic credentials with a bachelor’s degree, including a minimum of 3.5 GPA (or equivalent) and 2:1 honors degree (or equivalent) in any discipline

  • Evidenced success in a professional and/or extracurricular field

  • Fluency in English is essential. Fluency in a relevant foreign language is a plus


Paid Marketing Internship

As a part-time Demand Generation intern, you will be actively assisting in our firm’s growth marketing efforts. You will be responsible for mapping a specific audience type, aggregating industry and client intelligence, coordinating marketing campaigns aimed to establish brand awareness, and identifying opportunities to further engage our client user base.

  • Current Undergraduate Junior or Senior

  • Strong academic credentials in any major and noteworthy extracurricular leadership

  • Ability to work for at least 5-20 hours a week throughout the duration of the semester (start and end dates can be flexible depending upon class schedules)

  • Fluency in English is essential

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