Vincent's Number: +1 (615) 667-8433

Hi everyone!

Earlier today, you may have received a text from me that said:

Hi — it's Vincent Phamvan from Vyten Career Coaching. I got a new number. shoot me a text here so I can save you in my phone!

+1 (615) 667-8433

How are you doing??


...and rightfully so, I received a lot of emails asking if I had been hacked or if this was a phishing scam.

And the answer is 1) good job being careful online! and 2) no, I wasn't hacked, so that actually is my number that I'd like you to text!

And to prove that it's really me... here's a video (I promise I haven't been kidnapped 🤣 ):

Okay, now that you know it's actually me, send me a text so that I can save your info in my phone!

To your success,

Vincent Phamvan

+1 (615) 667-8433