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Our Mistake: Your Vyten Plus Account

5/21 UPDATE 6:00 PM: Since this issue appears to have caused some of you to not be able to join our LinkedIn vs Resume / COVID Job Search sessions today, we will plan to add these sessions onto next week's calendar as additional sessions for those of you would who like to join live. Replay videos of the LinkedIn vs Resume session are now posted!


5/21 5:24 PM:

Hi everyone, 

You were sent an email today that said your Vyten Plus membership was canceled, and this was a mistake. I am so sorry for the confusion that this has caused.

The email is shown below:

We had planned a backend system migration to move our membership payments today from one vendor to a new vendor. The new company will give us the ability to provide a better service to you, with more flexibility, and the ability to grow in the future.

This migration was intended to be seamless and invisible to you. At 4:21pm Central time today, our old vendor mistakenly sent an email to you saying that your account was canceled. It was not our intention to cancel your account or send this email.

At this point in time (at 5:20pm Central), we believe that no action is necessary on your part and that your access to Vyten Plus will continue with no interruption. Over the next 24 hours, we will work to verify individual access for each of you one-by-one to determine any next steps.

We'll use this page to communicate updates. Over a hundred of you have sent an email to our customer service email, called our toll-free number, or reached out through another channel. I apologize for the delay in response and will respond to each individual message as soon as I can.

We'll monitor the comments below first as this allows us to provide answers to all of you as a group as quickly as possible, and we'll work through individual private messages as soon as possible.

Also, yes, Happy Hour tomorrow is still on for 4pm Central. Looks after this week, we'll need it too!