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Guest Workshop: Yoga & Meditative Practices with Hanne Larsen 09-19-2020

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 11:00AM CDT (Duration: 1.25 hours)


A job search is stressful. A job search in a pandemic is something else! As we get caught up in the doing, we can forget that we’re human beings. Taking time to take care of ourselves is vital. A blend of vinyasa and restorative, this beginner yoga practice is geared toward regulating the nervous system and opening up the upper body after prolonged sitting. We’ll incorporate breathing practices and dynamic movement. I offer ample modifications and tools that you can take with you off the mat after class.

No experience or special clothing/gear is necessary. Just make sure to wear something you can move in and have a quiet clean space where you can practice.

Props you might like to have accessible: a large towel, pillows, and books. Please note that you'll be able to have your camera's on for this workshop.


Enjoyed this session? Please consider an $8 donation (or any amount) to the Heart Education & Training Center of Gainesville.